Is there a fee for not using my NETELLER Account?

If you do not use your NETELLER Account for 14 months and retain a balance in your account, you will be charged an administrative fee of up to $40 USD* on the available balance. You will be notified of this one month in advance by email. This fee will be charged annually up to three times if you do not use your account.  After 38 consecutive months of inactivity, we will apply your third and final inactivity administration fee, after which we will close your account, terminate your agreement with us and cancel your card.

NETELLER will never cause your account to go into a negative balance. If you use your account prior to the 15th of the upcoming month the fee will not be charged. If you have less than 40 USD or equivalent remaining in your NETELLER Account, we will only charge you the amount you have left, leaving your account with no balance remaining. We will never charge an inactivity fee to your credit card or bank account.

Along with the NETELLER Administration fee, if you do not use your NETELLER Account within 14 months, any NETELLER Reward Points balance will be reset to 0(zero).

The fee will still be charged up to three times regardless of whether your account is open or closed, as long as a balance is remaining within the NETELLER Account.

To avoid being charged any fee, simply sign in to your account and make a transaction. Any type of Money In or Money Out transaction will do. You can deposit, transfer to a friend, transfer to or from another website, or simply withdraw your remaining funds.


*Effective March 13, 2019, the administrative fee for accounts that have not been active for 12 months, will be USD 5.00 (or equivalent) per month.