What are the Account ID, Secure ID, Password and Security Answers used for?

For security reasons, each NETELLER member is issued the following unique IDs:

Account ID: A 12-digit number starting with 45. This number cannot be changed, and it cannot be carried over to a new account.

Secure ID: A 6-digit number assigned to you by NETELLER. No one within NETELLER can see your Secure ID, and we will never ask you to provide it to us. Please ensure never to share your Secure ID with anyone, except to enter it when transferring funds to and from merchant websites . In specific cases where your account security may have been compromised, a new 6 digit Secure ID can be generated. If you change to a new NETELLER Account, your old Secure ID cannot be carried with you. You can reset your Secure ID by simply logging into your NETELLER Account, by clicking on the Account tab and then on "Reset" link next to Secure ID. 
Password: You create your own password when you create your NETELLER Account. Never give your password to anyone, not even on merchant websites - its only use is to sign in to your NETELLER Account. We will never ask you for your password. We recommend changing your password often for your personal security.

Security Questions and Answers: After you fund your NETELLER Account you will be asked to set up three different security questions and answers. It is very important that you remember exactly how you answered these questions, as you will often be prompted to answer one or more of them while you are signing in to your account - you must enter the same response, with the same upper- and lower-case letters and the same spaces and numbers, as you entered when you first set up your account.

When contacting NETELLER for support by phone we will always ask you for the answer to one of your security questions. Since we do not know your password or Secure ID, this is how we determine that we are speaking with the right person. This is also how you can retrieve/reset your Account ID, Secure ID, or Password if you lose or forget them. It is very important to remember your security answers, but to ensure that no one else could answer the questions you selected. You should never share your security answers with anyone else, and they should never be provided on any other website. If you cannot provide your security answers when requested by a NETELLER agent, we will be unable to disclose any account-specific information to you.

When you complete the account registration process, your Account ID and Secure ID will be emailed to you. Your password will not be emailed to you, unless specifically requested it. We recommend storing your information somewhere outside your email, in case your email account is ever hacked.

Learn how to ensure your NETELLER Account remains safe and secure