What is Secure ID and how to reset it?

The Secure ID is a 6-digit number assigned to you by NETELLER for additional security. No one within NETELLER can see your Secure ID. Please ensure you never share your Secure ID with anyone, except to enter it when transferring funds to and from merchant websites or upon login as part of the Security check. 

In specific cases where your account security may have been compromised, a new 6-digit Secure ID can be generated. If you change to a new NETELLER Account, your old Secure ID will no longer be valid.

Note: If you have activated the two-step authentication, you need to use the code generated by the Google Authenticator app instead of the Secure ID.
In order to reset your Secure ID, you should follow the steps bellow:
  1. Click on the Account section of your NETELLER account. *
  2. In the Account Overview section click on Reset (next to Secure ID).
  3. Once you click on Reset, an email with a link allowing you to reset your Secure ID will be sent to the email registered in your NETELLER account. Please note that the link is valid 24h. 
  4. When you click on the provided link, you will be redirected to a NETELLER page allowing you to reset your Secure ID. You have two options:
  • To create your own Secure ID – for security reasons your Secure ID must not be a single repeating digit (111111) or six consecutive numbers (123456). We recommend that you do not use your date of birth in your Secure ID.
  • To obtain an automatically generated Secure ID – click on Generate random.

      5.Once the new Secure Id is confirmed, click on Save.  

*You can also reset your Secure ID by clicking on Security in the Settings section in your NETELLER account. 
Please note that for security reasons, your Secure ID is reset automatically once a year.