How can I change the currency of my NETELLER account?

You may hold a NETELLER account in one currency only, selected when you have first opened your account. If you wish to use a different currency, you will need to close your existing account and open a new one in the new currency. You can only have one open account in one currency at any given time.

Register your new account with a different email address. Afterwards, contact the Support Center by clicking on the available contact channel below as your new account will be closed as duplicate.

*Please note that if you have funds in your current NETELLER account, it cannot be transferred to the new account – you need to use it before contacting the Support Center.

We cannot transfer over any bank account information or registered credit card(s). But if you would like to use the same bank account or credit card(s) again, simply let us know! We will deactivate that bank account and remove the credit card(s), which will allow you to register and validate it (them) again on your new account.

Please note that your old Account ID, Secure ID cannot be transferred.