What is Personal Verification Question and how to change it?

After you fund your NETELLER Account you will be asked to set up three different security questions and answers. It is very important that you remember exactly how you answered these questions, as you will often be prompted to answer one or more of them when signing in to your account - you must enter the same response, with the same upper and lower-case letters and the same spaces and numbers, as you first entered when setting up your account.
It is very important to remember your security answers but also to ensure that no one else could answer the questions you selected. Never share your security answers with anyone else, and they should never be provided on any other website. If you cannot provide your security answers when requested by a NETELLER agent, we will be unable to disclose any account-specific information to you. 
Your security answers can only be changed after personal phone verification by one of our agents. Get in touch with us by clicking on the available contact channel below. The security questions cannot be changed.