What is document upload?

Document upload through Jumio is a fast and easy automated process that helps you go through our verification procedure.


What is Jumio?

Jumio is an external company software specialized in reading and authenticating documents.

Before you begin you will need:

  • your identification document and/ or address verification document at hand.
  • a computer equipped with a webcam or a mobile phone with a camera and NETELLER application installed.
  • to enable the pop-up windows on your browser.


How long does document upload take?

The process is automatic and it usually takes only a few moments. However, if the system was unable to authenticate your document automatically, manual handling may be required and this will take up to 48 hours. Please bear in mind that our verification team may require additional or alternative piece of document in case of need.


How do I upload my documents?

When verifying your account, you will be prompted to Verify your ID by uploading a document via webcam. Clicking on Upload will prompt you to enable your webcam OR download the NETELLER Mobile App to initiate face match/selfie upload of your ID.

At this stage you will be required to select the ID document type you will use for verification, it's number and expiration date, and hold the document in front of your webcam or phone camera should you be using the mobile application. 

For address verification, you may be requested to upload a document showing your names and address, such as a utility bill.

Note: You may need to upload both sides of some documents depending on their layout.


I do not have these documents? What should I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to verify an account unless a valid government-issued photo ID is uploaded.


I am unable to upload my documents for some reason. What do I need to do?

If you have tried to upload your documents, but your attempts have been unsuccessful, please e-mail us using the contact channel below. Describe the error message and when possible provide a screen shot.

Note: currently, we accept only documents uploaded through Jumio. Documents sent via e-mail or the contact form will not be reviewed.