Why has my credit or debit card been declined?

There are several main reasons why a credit/ debit card deposit is declined:

  1. You have reached the card’s limits. Validate the card in order to increase your deposit limits.
  2. You have entered your card details incorrectly. Double-check the card number, the spelling of your name, etc.
  3. The personal information on the card does not match the personal information from your NETELLER account. Make sure to use credit/ debit cards issued in your name only!
  4. As an additional security step, NETELLER has set up the transaction process to include the Verified by Visa step. Make sure you have enabled your pop-up windows, and that you have entered the correct code. For more information about the code, contact your card issuer.
  5. NETELLER allows a credit or debit card to be used on one NETELLER account only. You may have had a previous NETELLER account in a different currency or closed for a specific reason. Contact us by clicking on the available contact channel below to help you remove the card from the inactive account.
  6. You are attempting to register more than the maximum number of registered cards (5).
  7. The card issuer has declined the transaction for security reasons, or reaching pre-set limits, etc. In these cases, contact your bank.