How do I deposit via Moneta?

What is Moneta?
Moneta is a processing partner that allows both Verified and Unverified members to quickly deposit funds into their NETELLER Account. Deposits powered by Moneta will allow members residing in Russia to use a variety of local Russian payment options, including, as well as deposits from most cash terminals such as QIWI and most Russian internet banks.
How do I deposit by Moneta?
  1. Select Moneta from the Money in section of your NETELLER account.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and your NETELLER Account ID number, then click on Next to continue.
  3. Select your preferred payment option from the list on the left side of the screen. You can select from a variety of electronic payment options, cash payment options, bank systems, bank cards, cell phone shops, or SMS payment systems.
  4. Follow the steps on screen to complete the deposit.
  5. Note: At this time, members may only make a deposit powered by Moneta using USD currency.
How long does a deposit by Moneta take?
The deposit time varies for the different payment options. Most electronic payments will be credited to your NETELLER Account right away. However, bank transfers may take up to 5 business days. Information about the time for funds to arrive to your NETELLER Account will be provided to you when you initiate your deposit.
What are the limits and the fees?
The best place to check the limits for any deposit option is the Money in section of your account. Select the deposit option of your choice. On the next step click on the question mark (?), and the limits will appear in a pop-up. Make sure you have disabled the pop-up blocker of your browser.
Once an unverified member has reached their deposit limit, they will need to verify their account in order to continue using the service.
All limits are based on rolling periods.
For the deposit fee, please check the Money in section of your account or visit
There may be fees charged by Moneta for the various deposit options. These fees will vary and members will be notified on the deposit page.
If your NETELLER Account is in a currency other than the currency of the transaction, an additional 3.99% Foreign Exchange fee will be applied.
Note: If your payment method is in a currency different from USD, the conversion of that currency to USD is done by Moneta. You will need to contact Moneta for assistance with conversion rates between your chosen payment method to USD.