How do I deposit via Multibanco?

What is Multibanco?
Multibanco is a quick deposit option that allows both Verified and Unverified members from Portugal to quickly deposit funds from their personal bank account into their NETELLER Account.
How do I deposit by Multibanco? 
  1. Select Multibanco from the Money in section of your NETELLER account.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and click on Continue.
  3. You will then be re-directed to the Multibanco payment site where you will be presented with a transaction summary including the amount you wish to deposit and the Unique Transaction Reference.
  4. Please take note of the Unique Transaction Reference and the Entity Number.  After completing steps 1 to 4 you can select one of the following two options to complete your deposit:Option one: Online banking. Steps 5 and 6
  5. Sign in into your online bank account and navigate to the Payments section. Select the bank account you wish to debit and enter the Entity Number as well as the Unique Transaction Reference provided on the Multibanco payment secure site.
  6. Once you’ve completed the deposit from your banking site, your NETELLER Account will provide the transaction information for your reference. We recommend printing this page or saving it, as NETELLER does not send an email confirmation of the deposit.Option two: Local ATM machine. Steps 7 and 8
  7. Enter your bank card and your PIN number in the ATM. Navigate to the Multibanco payments section.
  8. Enter the amount you wish to deposit Entity Number as well as the Unique Transaction Reference provided on the Multibanco payment secure site.
How long does a Multibanco deposit take?
Multibanco deposits are quickly credited to your NETELLER Account, if you use our online banking system (option 1 above). If you use the ATM (option 2 above), your funds could be credited within one hour, but may take up to 6 business days depending on how long it takes your ATM provider to notify us of your transaction.
What are the limits and the fees?
The best place to check the limits for any deposit option is the Money in section of your account. Select the deposit option of your choice. On the next step click on the question mark (?), and the limits will appear in a pop-up. Make sure you have disabled the pop-up blocker of your browser.
Once an unverified member has reached their deposit limit, they will need to verify their account in order to continue using the service.
All limits are based on rolling periods.
For the deposit fee, please check the Money in section of your account or visit
If your NETELLER Account is in a currency other than the currency of the transaction, an additional 3.99% Foreign Exchange fee will be applied.
I sent my funds, but they are not in my NETELLER Account, what can I do?
If you have sent funds from your bank account but they are not in your NETELLER Account please wait for 6 business days from the day the funds were sent from your bank account. If they have still not been received, please send a copy of a bank statement showing the transaction to