How do I verify my credit or debit card?

Credit/debit card validation is a security step that NETELLER has initiated to help protect your NETELLER Account and credit/debit card information. 
In order to validate your credit/debit card, you must have used the card successfully. Once you make successful deposit with your card, it will appear in the STORED CARDS section under the Money In tab. 
By clicking on the Validate button you will initiate the validation process. In order to complete the card validation, you will need to provide the 4-digit validation code which is sent with the transaction that you will have to make after clicking on Validate
The validation code will appear on your credit card statement along with the transaction details of your deposit to NETELLER. When looking for the validation code, you will need to search for NETELLER 1234. The number after NETELLER will be the validation code to use.
Please note that some banks may require a few business days to process and post the validation code onto your bank/credit account. There is a possibility that the validation code consists of only 3-digits. In this case please try to enter a 0 before or after the 3 digits to validate your card.
In some cases, we will make a 3 USD charge to your card in order to send the validation code. This is not a fee and the amount will be credited to your NETELLER account. If your card validation is made through a transaction of 3 USD, you will need to search for this particular transaction in order to obtain the validation code. 
Once you get the validation code, login to your NETELLER account, submit the validation code in the respective tab and click on Validate.
If for some reason you are unable to verify your card, please contact us for further assistance. Please note that a document (e.g. credit card statement) might be requested for the manual verification of your card.