How can I receive money from another NETELLER member or merchant?

To receive money using NETELLER, all you need is a NETELLER account and a valid email address.

If you haven't already signed up for a NETELLER account, sign up for one now and let the sender know the email address you've registered with NETELLER. 


How long does it take?

When someone sends money to your NETELLER account, you usually receive them instantly and free of charge. If you transfer money from a merchant website to your NETELLER wallet, you’ll receive it as soon as the merchant instructs the payment. Remember, though, that some merchants may apply a fee or take longer to process their payments. For more details on this, get in touch with the merchant directly.


The merchant has sent the money, but it is not in my NETELLER account. What should I do?

    • Make sure that the e-mail address you provided to the merchant is the same as the e-mail address of your NETELLER account. You can update your e-mail address from the Settings section in your NETELLER account.

    • Ask the merchant for the 15-digit NETELLER Transaction ID associated with the transfer. Once you have it, contact us via an available contact channel below and we’ll assist you with locating the transfer.