How can I transfer funds from a merchant site?

Transferring funds from a merchant site to your NETELLER Account

To transfer funds from a merchant site to your NETELLER Account, you will need to log in to your account on the merchant’s website. Select the Withdrawal or Cashout option on the merchant site (some merchants may have different names for this option). Select NETELLER as your withdrawal option, and provide your NETELLER Account ID, Secure ID
(If you have activated the two-step authentication, you need to use the code generated by the Google Authenticator app instead of the Secure ID.), and the amount you wish to transfer.
You should never provide your NETELLER Account password on a merchant website.

How long does it take?

You should receive the funds as soon as the merchant instructs the payment. However, merchants send funds from their sites at their own pace, and in some cases it may take several days. To find out more about the  exact time frame, please check with the merchant directly. If a funds transfer has been completed on the merchant’s side, they should be able to provide a 15-digit transaction ID.

The merchant has sent the funds, but they are not in my NETELLER Account. What should I do?

If funds have been transferred from a merchant site to your NETELLER Account but have not arrived, please contact the merchant for a NETELLER transaction ID. The NETELLER transaction ID is a 15-digit number and serves as a tracking number for each transaction. If your merchant is unable to provide you with the NETELLER transaction ID, then they have not sent your funds to NETELLER yet.

Make sure that the number your merchant provides to you is a 15-digit transaction ID and not an internal tracking number for their transaction.  

Once you have the NETELLER transaction ID, please contact us to have the transaction located and credited.