How can I transfer funds to a merchant site?

You can easily transfer funds to a merchant site. The only requirement is to have balance available in your NETELLER account.

Firstly, visit the merchant site to which you want to transfer your funds. Select the Deposit or Buy in option on the merchant site. It may also be referred to as Real Money, Buy Chips, Cashier, or something similar.

You will find NETELLER listed as one of their payment options. Enter your 12-digit account ID along with your 6-digit secure ID (If you have activated the two-step authentication, you need to use the code generated by the Google Authenticator app instead of the Secure ID.), and the amount of money you wish to transfer. The funds will be instantly transferred from your NETELLER Account to the merchant account.

You must never provide your NETELLER Account password on a merchant website.

If there is a currency conversion, 3.99% foreign exchange (FX) fee will be charged.

If you do not find the option to transfer on the merchant’s site, please ask the merchant to give you a “merchant transfer code”. You will then need to return to sign in to your NETELLER Account, and select the Money Out link. Select the option to send money to a merchant, and enter the merchant transfer code you were provided. Please note that NETELLER cannot provide merchant transfer codes – you must receive them from the merchant website.

We highly recommend completing your transfer directly on the merchant’s website whenever possible, as it is much faster and easier.

I have transferred money to a website, but they have not received it.

It is very rare, but once in a while a merchant website might not receive the money you have transferred to them. This normally happens due to a processor error either by NETELLER or the merchant.

Please contact us if this happens. We can locate your transaction and provide you with a NETELLER transaction ID. You would then need to contact the merchant website and provide them with this NETELLER transaction ID, which they can use to locate your funds in their system and credit them to you.


** Members from Canada will not be able to transfer funds to merchant websites.