How do I withdraw by Bank Transfer?

How to withdraw funds to my bank account?

In order to initiate a Bank Transfer withdrawal:

  1. Enter into your NETELLER account.
  2. Click on the Money Out section.
  3. Select Bank withdrawal and then on Add a bank account.
  4. Enter you bank details. If you are not sure about your banking details, please contact your bank. Bank Transfer withdrawals can only be made to a personal bank account.
  5. Click on Continue, confirm the details and click on Confirm.

Once the bank details are confirmed, a small amount (micro deposit) will be sent to your bank account. The micro deposit is, normally, received within 2 to 5 business days. In order to see the micro deposit, you need to check your bank statement. Once the micro deposit is received, please make a note of the amount of the transaction (e.g. 23 if the micro deposit was for the amount of 0,23 GBP). You need then to sign into your NETELLER account and enter the micro deposit digits into the relevant field by clicking on Money out.

Note: this withdrawal option is only available in certain number of countries.


How much does it cost, how long will it take to receive, and what are my limits?

The fee for Bank Transfer Withdrawal regardless of the transaction amount is $10 USD, or the equivalent in the respective currency.

Bank Transfer withdrawals are completed within 3-5 business days.

All limits are based on a rolling period, and will be displayed in your account.


What currency will NETELLER use for my Bank Transfer?

Funds are sent in the currency of your registered bank account, unless your bank account is in USD. Please note a foreign exchange (FX) fee of 3.99% is applied if your bank account and NETELLER Account are in different currencies.


Can I cancel my Bank Transfer withdrawal?

Once a Bank Transfer has been initiated we are unable to cancel as the withdrawal process has begun.