How do I withdraw funds via International bank withdrawal?

How to withdraw funds to my bank account via International bank withdrawal?
To initiate a withdrawal to your bank account, you will need to:
  1. Click on the Money out link located on the left hand side of your NETELLER Account and select Withdrawal to my bank accountby clicking on the Withdraw now button.
  2. Enter your banking details. Please enter the information manually, using simple capital letters, no special characters. If you are unsure about any of the information requested, please contact your bank.
  3. Confirm bank details.
  4. Provide a copy of a recent bank statement from the bank account provided. Click on the Start Verification button, and upload a bank statement (the file must be stored on your computer) by clicking on Choose File.
  5. Enter the requested withdrawal amount. Your transaction limits will appear on the right.
Note: If this is your first time requesting an International bank withdrawal, you will be required to submit bank information such as a scanned Bank Account Statement, Bank Book, or Statement of Account that has been issued to you within in the last 3 months by your bank. 
Screen shots of Bank Account statements will not be accepted for security reasons.
The Bank Account Statement, Bank Book, or the Statement of Account MUST include the following:
  1. Your Full Name and Home address
  2. Bank Account Number or IBAN (International bank account number)
  3. BIC or Swift code (If your BIC (Swift code) is not displayed on the bank document, you must enter it in the additional information space provided or your withdrawal will be delayed or declined.  All international bank withdrawals MUST include a valid BIC (Swift Code).
  4. The Statement issued date cannot be older than 90 days.
Note: If you do not include the complete information on your first request, this will result in a delay or decline of your International bank withdrawal request.
How can I change my bank account with NETELLER?
When you initiate your next bank withdrawal, within the first step you should see your bank name and account number listed.  
To change your registered bank account, simply click on Change and upload a different bank statement.
Due to changes in the USA legislation, NETELLER members are unable to receive USD as a requested currency.  You will need to request the International bank withdrawal in one of the available currencies.
What are the fees and limits of the bank withdrawal?
The processing fee for a withdrawal is 12.75 USD. The withdrawal limits will be displayed in your NETELLER account.
Note: You need to have a minimum withdraw amount, plus the fee amount in your NETELLER Account to complete an International bank withdrawal. For example: If your NETELLER Account is in USD currency, you need 40 USD for the minimal withdrawal plus 12.75 USD for transaction fee.
Unverified members can withdraw up to $500.00US by International bank withdrawal.
How long will an International bank withdrawal take to arrive in my bank account?
International bank withdrawal requests will be processed in the order they are received. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for your transaction to be reviewed and processed.