Why can’t I withdraw funds from my NETELLER Account?

In order to withdraw funds from your NETELLER Account, you must verify both your personal identity and home address. We call this verifying your account.

This personal identity and home address verification is in compliance with relevant financial and anti-money laundering regulations. NETELLER cannot allow members to withdraw funds from their accounts without first confirming your personal identity and home address. This protects members from fraud and identity theft and helps us ensure we operate in a responsible and law-abiding manner.

It’s easy to verify your account; all the details are right here. You can also check your personal account verification progress by signing in to your NETELLER Account and selecting the “Account” option on the left. In this section, under the “Setup” section, click on the “Verify” link to see what steps you have left to complete.

If you choose not to upgrade your account, you can still transfer your money to a merchant website. You may also choose to close your account and withdraw your funds before that.