What is a bank statement / copy of bank book?

Sometimes, NETELLER may request that you submit a document showing your bank account information. Such document may be the first page of your bank book or a bank statement.

A bank statement is an official document issued by your bank, confirming the ownership of a bank account, and showing a summary of financial transactions.

The Bank Account Statement (Bank Book, or the Statement of Account) must include the following:

    1. Your Full Name and home address
    2. Bank Account Number
    3. Bank' s name, and name of branch 
    4. The Bank Statement issue date can be no more than 3 months before the date you upload it in your NETELLER Account.

If you do not include all of this information on your first request, this will result in either your request being delayed or declined.


Alternatively, you could upload a copy of the front page of your bank book. It is the page that contains your name in katakana, the name of your bank, and your account number.