Send money to a mobile phone

What is the Send money to a mobile phone withdrawal option and how to use it?

This is a withdrawal option allowing verified members registered in all countries (except USA and Canada) to instantly transfer funds to a mobile wallet in the following countries:

  • Kenya
  • Sri Lanka

To initiate a transfer to a mobile wallet, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Money Transfer section of your NETELLER Account and select the option Send money to a mobile phone.
  2. Enter you 6-digit Secure ID and click on Continue.
  3. Enter the recipient’s first and last name, chose the recipient’s country from the drop-down menu, the mobile phone number you want to send the funds to and click on Continue.
  4. Enter the amount to be deducted from your NETELLER Account in the Sender amountfield or the amount you would like the recipient to receive in the Recipient amount field and click on Continue.
  5. A page with your transaction details will now appear on the screen. In order to finalize the transfer, click on Confirm and send.


What are the fees and limits of the mobile phone withdrawal?

The best place to check your withdrawal limits is the Money Transfer section of your account. By clicking on the question mark (?) next to the Sender amount field, a pop-up with your withdrawal limits will appear. Make sure you have disabled the pop-up blocker of your browser.

All limits are based on rolling periods.

The withdrawal fee is 1.45% of the withdrawal amount.

If the currency of the withdrawal is different than your account currency, an additional 3.99% Foreign Exchange fee will be applied.