How to avoid currency conversion charges when using my Net+ Prepaid Mastercard®?

As of November 2020, we’ll start issuing Net+ Cards* in EUR currency only. This doesn’t mean that you will be charged for currency conversion when you use the card in your home country. On the contrary, we’ve made it possible for you to easily avoid currency conversion charges**.



Even though your Net+ Card currency is technically EUR, we won’t charge you for currency conversion when you make purchases or withdraw cash in your NETELLER account currency. For example, if your NETELLER account is in GBP, you will not pay for currency conversion when you spend funds in GBP.


What is DCC and how to avoid it?

Please note that merchant (POS) terminals and ATM operators will detect the currency of your card and may offer to process your payment in your native card currency (EUR) – this process is called dynamic currency conversion (DCC). This might sound appealing, but you should always avoid it. Here’s how operators normally offer this:

Tip: You always want to decline the conversion!


Accepting conversion may result in high FX charges - if you agree to DCC, the terminal/ATM will use their own FX rate, add up an FX conversion fee and FX markup of up to 18% on top of the exchange rate. Later, when we receive the debit request from the merchant, it will come in EUR and we won’t know that you actually made the transaction in another currency. Converting this amount back to your wallet currency will incur additional conversion charges.
Even if your transaction currency does not match your NETELLER account currency (when you travel abroad, for example), we recommend that you never agree to DCC, as NETELLER always offers you better FX conversion rates and a smaller, fixed currency conversion fee (3.99%).


* Net+ Card is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

** Not applicable to physical Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® with first digits 541592 and 523888 and Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® with first digits 541591.