Why was my Net+ card transaction pending / declined?

If a Net+ Card* transaction is declined, one or more of the following reasons may apply:


1.    The purchase amount plus any related fees is greater than the available balance in your NETELLER Account.

2.    The purchase amount plus any related fees is greater than your card's daily spending limit.

3.    You have reached the maximum number of allowable transactions per day.

4.    "Mastercard" was not the selected card type at the ATM or POS (point of sale).

5.    Your 16-digit card number was incorrectly submitted.

6.    Your card expiration date was incorrectly submitted.

7.    Your 3-digit CVV was incorrectly submitted.

8.    Your name was not entered as it appears on your card.

9.    Your billing address was incorrectly entered.

10.   Your card has not been activated yet.

11.   Our system or the system of one of our technology partners is experiencing a temporary outage.

12.   You have tried to use the card on sites related to gaming, gambling, betting, trading etc.

If you are experiencing other difficulties, please contact the NETELLER Customer Support Team. Do so by clicking on the available contact channel below.



*Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.