Why has my NETELLER Account been disabled?

At times NETELLER must suspend access to a member's account to protect their personal information and funds.
Account disabling happens for various security reasons such as: if an IP proxy or anonymizer is used to sign in, if we detect a sign-in from a restricted country, or if you have tried several times to sign in with an incorrect password, Secure ID (If you have activated the two-step authentication, you need to use the code generated by the Google Authenticator app instead of the Secure ID.), or Account ID are just a few examples. Your account might also be closed if unusual account activity makes us concerned about your account security. In addition, since you may only have one NETELLER Account, your account may be closed as soon as you sign up if you already had an account in the past. When you speak with a Customer Service agent, they will help you determine the best account to use and get you up and running with your account.
You have exceeded the account limits for an Unverified account. To comply with relevant financial and anti-money laundering regulations, NETELLER has imposed limits on the balance that can be held in members' NETELLER Accounts. These limits vary according to the type of account held and the jurisdiction in which the member lives. If you want to increase these limits and also gain access to the Money Transfer and other popular NETELLER services, you can easily do so by verifying your account.

If your account has been closed, contact us by clicking on the available contact channel below, and a NETELLER specialist will assist you.