Frequently Asked Questions

How can I verify my NETELLER Account?
Verifying your identity with NETELLER will not only ensure the security of your account but you will have access to higher limits and other deposit
Why has my NETELLER Account been disabled?
At times NETELLER must suspend access to a member's account to protect their personal information and funds.   Account disabling happens for
How can I withdraw funds from my NETELLER Account?
In order to be able to withdraw funds from your NETELLER Account you may have to first Verify your account for free. We have several withdrawal options,
What is two-step authentication?
Two Step Authentication is an added security measure available on your account. It provides an additional layer of security to your account by requiring a
How do I deposit by credit or debit card?
Deposits using credit or debit card are available to most members worldwide. Acceptable cards vary depending on your country of residence. To view the
What are the Account ID, Secure ID, Password and Security Answers used for?
For security reasons, each NETELLER member is issued the following unique IDs: Account ID: A 12-digit number starting with 45. This number cannot be
How do I send money to other NETELLER members?
With NETELLER's Money Transfer option you can instantly send funds to other NETELLER members around the world.     How do I send money to
How do I deposit by an International Bank Transfer?
International Bank Transfers are deposits you make from your bank account. The funds are wired into your NETELLER Account from your bank account. This