How do I change my personal information in my NETELLER Account?

For VERIFIED members:

To change your account information, sign in to your NETELLER Account and select the Settings link located on the left side of the screen. Click on the Edit button to make changes.

For UNVERIFIED members:

As an unverified member, you are able to change your password and phone number. However, you are unable to change your postal address and email on your own for security reasons. Please verify your account in order to be able to make changes.


Changing country on my NETELLER Account

To change your country of residence, you will need to send us an address verification document (e.g. utility bill) from your new country of residence to

For the customers changing their country of residence within Europe, please change the address in your account, except for the country. Then, after personal phone verification at your new phone number, your country will be changed as well by a NETELLER Customer Support Agent by clicking on the available contact channel below.