How do I register and verify a bank account?

How do I register my bank account?
The link to register a bank account can be found in the Money Out section, written as Add a bank account
Once you have clicked on Add a bank account, you will have to provide the following bank account information:
  • Full Name*
  • IBAN (international bank account number)
  • Swift (BIC) code
  • Bank name
  • Bank city 
  • Bank country
  • Bank account currency
*The name on your NETELLER Account must match the name on your bank account.
Note: If you are having trouble completing any of this information, please contact your local bank branch.
Once you have entered the required bank information, please click Continue. You will be asked then to confirm the bank account information by clicking on Confirm.
How do I verify my bank account?
Once the registration is completed NETELLER will deposit a small amount of less than 1 unit of currency (e.g. 0.24 EUR) into your bank account. The deposit will appear in your account 3-5 business days after completing the registration. The test deposit will show on your statement as either NETELLER or NTServices. If this test deposit is not received by your bank after the time frame, please contact us.
Once you have received the test deposit please enter this amount in to your NETELLER account, click on Money Out and type in the two digits that come after the decimal and click on Verify bank
Please note that if you register a bank account where your bank account currency is BGN or RON, we will send a test deposit in EUR to your bank account. You will need to locate and use the micro deposit amount in EUR to verify your bank account.
If you have tried more than three times to verify your bank account without success, please send us a bank statement showing the micro deposit.
Can I register more than one bank account?
Only one bank account can be registered to a NETELLER Account at a time. You can change your bank account information if you no longer use your original bank account.
How to change only a part of your bank account information?
You can send a scanned color image of a bank statement to us and we will make the changes needed. You can do so by clicking on the available contact channel below.